August 12, 2007

Olmert: "The aim is to achieve US President George Bush's vision..."

August 12, 2007 - The Prime Minister of Israel sure has his priorities in proper order. At the top of his list, one would think, should be bringing to an end the daily barrage of Qassam rockets raining down on southern Israel, in towns such as Sderot, or perhaps facilitating the release of Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev and Gilad Shalit--the three IDF soldiers kidnapped last year by "Palestinian" terrorists. To this end, wouldn't a competent prime minister modify his/her diplomacy?

No, not Ehud Olmert. Apparently, he has other plans. It's been over a year since the IDF soldiers were kidnapped, and several years since terrorists first infused the skies over southern Israel with Qassam rockets. The boys are still missing; the rockets still flying. However, in only 20 days, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert finds himself able to lay claim to facilitating the release of over 250 convicted, "Palestinian" terrorists from prison, padding Hamas bank accounts to the tune of $16 million, "good will" dollars, regularly schmoozing around Jericho with Yasser Arafat-successor and Holocaust-denier Abu Mazen and, in so doing, becoming the first Israeli PM to set foot in a "Palestinian territory" since the outbreak of the intifada.

Last week, in an attempt to make public his clear and present diplomatic agenda, the Israeli leader confirmed what the people of Israel already know to be his strongest, most prolific attribute--a penchant for cowering to and following President George W. Bush and his infatuation with a "Palestinian" state at the expense of Israel's national security.

How this man is able to remain in office is beyond my span of comprehension.

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