July 18, 2007

Alive and Well: Arab Double Standard at Temple Mount

July 18, 2007 - Have you ever wondered why Arab "Palestinians" work themselves into such a frenzy when Israeli excavations take place in the vicinity of the Temple Mount?

Do you recall, earlier this year, when Israeli attempts to conduct repairs at the Temple Mount's Mugrabi Gate, met with an onslaught of violent, Arab protests and a U.N. admonishment? Shortly after the Mugrabi Gate repairs were underway, newswires across the globe ran the following snippet:

"U.N. ambassadors from the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference called on the U.N. Security Council "to take immediate and urgent action in order to bring an end to Israeli intransigence and violations against the blessed Al Aqsa mosque.'' UNESCO issued a statement calling on Israel "to suspend any action that could endanger the spirit of mutual respect until such time as the will to dialogue prevails once again."

Perhaps the Israeli work order to conduct said repairs on the bridge leading up to the Mugrabi has died a slow death in lieu of the subsequent, predictably-caustic response from the Arab community and United Nations?

Well, it's been quiet in Jerusalem's Old City, as of late. Ever since the Mugrabi Gate repairs ceased so abruptly, no violence has erupted on or around the Temple Mount. A mollified Muslim is, indeed, a happy Muslim.

Today, all seems well inside Israel's eternal capital. Indeed, the hills of Jerusalem "are alive, with the sound of ..."....tractors. As observed last week, the Waqf--the Muslim, religious police--have been using tractors to dig a ditch from the north side of the Temple Mount all the way to the Dome of the Rock. That's a hefty piece of real estate. The Muslim authority might want to be extremely careful during the "ditch-digging" process. Precious, Jewish artifacts--antiquities dating back thousands of years that prove the existence of a Jewish temple--could easily get destroyed in the process. I'm certain the Waqf have already taken this into consideration, aren't you?

And where is the U.N.? Since they wasted no time in slapping the Israeli government with one during the Mugrabi Gate ordeal, surely we can expect an imminent, Security Council admonishment condemning the Waqf's ditch-digging exploits across the Temple Mount as "endangering the spirit of mutual respect", right?

This was as predictable as it was pathetic.

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