April 8, 2007

Part I: What is happening in the Gaza Strip?

April 8, 2007 - There's nothing worse than a fool with a cause. It's been well over a year since terrorist thugs were seen dancing in the streets of Gaza City, indiscriminately capping off AK-47 rounds into the skies over southern Israel in celebration of their victory over the Palestinian Authority's Fatah party. The outcome of the Gaza elections in late January of 2006 represented a widely-publicized, unprecedented turn of events in which the "Palestinian" people--or should I say, the conglomeration of Arabs in Southern Israel, democratically elected and thus chose a terrorist organization, Hamas, as the governing body that would lead them to days of social, political and economic bliss. What the citizens of Gaza failed to consider--or should I say, turned a blind eye to, was the true ideology behind Hamas, and the lengths to which "the new kids on the block" were prepared to go in order to facilitate it.

Fourteen months later, gone are the days in which the people of Gaza expected radical change in the form of positive, social and economic reform. Moreover and quite literally, gone are the days in which the Arab people in Gaza could expect a paycheck for hours worked. The situation in Gaza has now evolved into a humanitarian crisis--one on a scale so dangerous that even the U.N. has threatened to withdraw its people from the region. As you will soon see, the Hamas government's infatuation with the elimination of Israel has blinded them to the welfare of their own people and, subsequently and quite literally, has landed them in deep "crap". Read this article in its entirety: Gaza Strip Part I

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