June 20, 2007

Israel, the "Occupying Oppressor"

June 20, 2007 - News reports today confirm that Ehud Barak, the newly-appointed, Israeli Defense Minister has ordered the IDF to begin evacuating any of the "Palestinians" attempting to flee Gaza who require urgent medical attention into Israel through the Erez crossing. These are the same Arabs who, just over a year ago, democratically-elected a terrorist regime, whose charter openly advances an ideology committed to the eradication and annihilation of Israel, into public office shortly after Israel evacuated the region. Mind you, I realize, as Christians, we are to love our enemies, but I must say: Mr. Barak, you, sir, are a better man than I.

Here is where you'll find irony in its purest form. Through their own repetitive, tired accusations, the "Palestinians" have continually and emphatically labeled Israel as an "occupying oppressor"--guilty of untold, countless crimes of brutality against the Arabs within her borders. Yet, when true oppression comes raining down in the Gaza Strip at the hands of Hamas, to where is the first place these same "Palestinians" flee to safety?

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