January 10, 2008

The Theological Background of Christian Zionism: Part II - Reconciliation

January 11, 2007 - The current “state of affairs” that is the relationship between Jews and Christians remains a “work in progress”, and understandably so. Although Jewish sentiment towards Christians remains, to a lesser degree, one of caution and skepticism, Jewish-Christian relations have, more so in recent years, been assisted through the realization that the Christian sincerity and its genuine desire to stand alongside the people of Israel is entirely unconditional.

[continued] While an increasing number of Christians are only now beginning to realize the biblical foundation upon which Christian Zionism stands, the controversy surrounding its doctrinal beliefs increase at a rate that is seemingly proportionate to its support. The catalysts to such controversy can be found in numerous misconceptions regarding Christian Zionism. Among the most prevalent of these misconceptions is a view of Christian Zionism as a “fundamentalist movement” with the overall objective of converting the Jews to Christianity. This is partially incorrect. Christian Zionists are, first and foremost, “Christians”. As Christians, we are commanded by the Lord to “love”.

Read: The Theological Background of Christian Zionism: Part II - Reconciliation

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