April 18, 2007

Part II: "A lie, told a thousand times, is still a lie"


April 18, 2007 - The previous installment examined the effectiveness surrounding the dissemination of anti-Semitic propaganda by a conglomeration of Arabs who would call themselves, "Palestinians". Following the model of their Nazi predecessors, the Arabs have effectively unleashed a campaign of misinformation that has been heard and seen with a high degree of frequency. In so doing, they have not only shaped public opinion, but have also been extremely effective in garnering support sympathetic to an ideology that portrays them as "refugees" who have been somehow victimized and displaced by the creation of the Jewish state. In their refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist, they claim the region as their own--delving further into the nonsensical by referring to it as "Palestine". Behold, the lie--the inveracity in your midst.

And so, for the purposes of this writing, let us assume, if but for a moment, that we have the capability of "time travel" and have elected to transverse the millennia. The period in time is approximately 2,000 B.C. The location is the land of Canaan. What would we see?

We observe the presence of Canaanites who, as we advance to 1700 B.C., have been conquered by the first "Israelites"--Abraham and the Hebrews. Where are the Arabs? We observe, centuries later--nearly 1300 years before Yeshua walked the earth, in the region near "Schechem", a population of Hebrews--having been freed from Egyptian bondage by the Hand of God through Moses, crossing the Jordan River and entering "the Promised Land" in a region we know as Samaria. The Hebrews would live in conflict with the Canaanites for years to come. Nonetheless, there exists no historical record of this time period supporting the existence of an Arab people. Yet, according to today's "Palestinians", they roamed this land freely during this time.

In the centuries that followed, Israel would flourish as a nation--forged by the tenacity of Saul, the faith and courage of David, and the wisdom and brilliance of Solomon. However, for Israel, intense suffering and persecution would lie ahead in the coming seasons as she would become downtrodden by the Gentiles--enemies who would go on to destroy her eternal capital--Jerusalem, and its inhabitants, as well as the First and Second Temples. However, the same God whose Wrath punished Israel for her disobedience, would also be the One who would vindicate her in deliverance--time and time again. Over the span of millennia, the enemies of Israel would inevitably and undeniably come to know the exorbitant price of spilling Jewish blood. Among these were the Canaanites, the Amalekites and the Philistines. Moreover, the prophet Jeremiah prophesied that God will shelter His people, Israel, and destroy her enemies. (Jer. 30:11) Israel lived on and thrived, yet where is the empire of the Assyrians, today? Israel lived on and flourished, yet what became of the Babylonian empire? Israel lived on and blossomed, but did the Roman empire manage to keep pace? Israel is as strong as ever, but can the empire that was the Third Reich say the same?

The Jewish people would come to know bondage and death--from Babylon to Birkenau, on a level unseen by any other group of people, and they would experience much suffering. However, as is the nature of a God who never parts from His Promises, they would be restored to and flourish in their land each time. This was a truth foretold. Unlike the "Palestinian" myth that has been repeatedly and caustically advanced into the global "marketplace of ideas", it need not be said a thousand times to become defined as "truth". In fact, it needn't be said at all.

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