April 17, 2007

Part I: "A lie, told a thousand times, is still a lie"


"Propaganda attempts to force a doctrine on the whole people. Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea." -Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

April 16, 2007 - The vitriolically anti-Semitic propaganda campaigns disseminated by the Nazis in the 1930's, and throughout Ha'Shoah, were as effective as they were brilliant. By way of their complete domination and control of the German mass media, the Nazi propaganda machine facilitated an unprecedented and unchecked barrage of anti-Semitism that radically shaped public opinion. With Hitler's propaganda machine running at full-throttle, it wasn't long before the court of public opinion and Nazism's ministers of propaganda found themselves on the "same page".

Sadly, we know how this story ends. Over the span of a decade, while millions of Jews were brutally and systematically slaughtered in the Nazi death camps of Europe, the rest of the world--conditioned over time by the Nazi propaganda juggernaut to see the Jew as worthless and "subhuman", did absolutely nothing to neither prevent nor stop it. Himself a propaganda mastermind appointed by Hitler, it was Joseph Goebbels who testified to its effectiveness with his infamous statement: "Tell a lie enough times, and it becomes the truth."

Much like its Nazi predecessor, "The Big Lie" of today--a nonsensical fabrication spawned in the Middle East, has rapidly evolved into an Arab propaganda locomotive powered by the steam engines of anti-Semitic vitriol. The lie--this falsehood of our time, purports that the "Palestinians", a mythical people whose ancestral beginnings simply cannot be defined nor traced, were ejected from their own land--to which they refer as "Palestine", and thus were "victimized" by the creation of the state of Israel, in May, 1948. After failing miserably in their attempts to militarily eradicate the Jewish state, the Arab countries surrounding Israel subsequently and collectively unleashed their propaganda juggernaut into the international marketplace of ideas, where it has been globally fruitful. Seen as "refugees" unable to "return" to a land they claim as their own, the "Palestinians" have an international community--to include the United Nations, the mass media, top universities and seminaries and, of course, Jimmy Carter, in their corner.

With foreign governments--including that of the United States, and a global media sympathetic to the "Palestinian cause", Israel continues to become increasingly pressured to relent and concede--relinquishing more of her land to a conglomeration of Arabs sworn to her demise. "The Big Lie" of today represents a propaganda machine that, once again, has swayed public opinion in favor of all that is anti-Semitic. Once again, the Jews have witnessed an international community caustically aligning itself against them--effectively pushing the Jewish people not into the mass graves of genocide, but to the brink of demographic suicide.

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