September 12, 2007

Arab Double Standard, Part II: Arabs Caught Destroying Temple Artifacts

September 12, 2007 - Those pesky Arabs are at it, again. It seems there is no end to the extent to which Arab Muslims in East Jerusalem will go to completely obliterate any historical record, artifact and/or antiquity that brings credit upon the factual, historically-cohesive truth of a Jewish presence in Jerusalem--a presence predating Islam, and the Arab people, by nearly 1,500 years.

Although it is only now gaining steam in the media, their most recent attempt at this began weeks ago, when, as an international community turned a predictably-blind eye, the Muslim religious "authority"--the Waqf--an entity whose sole purpose is to purge the Temple Mount of anything non-Muslim, bulldozed trenches from the north side of the Temple Mount all the way to "that little, golden bullet in the sky"--the Dome of the Rock. In so doing, these Arabs--these "Palestinians", as it were--once again set themselves apart as pathological hypocrites. If you will recall, it was these very same people who willfully and expediently transformed themselves into a violent mob in response to Israel's repair efforts at the Temple Mount's Mugrabi Gate, earlier this year. It should also be said that the bridge on which Israel made said repairs was in danger of collapsing, and so existed as an extreme, safety concern. This, however, did not stop the infusion of hundreds of angry, Arab Muslims onto the Temple Mount, claiming Israel was seeking to destroy their "holy" site at the Al Aksa. Their assertions were as nonsensical as they were baseless. Ever quick to label Israel as the "aggressor", the United Nations wasted absolutely no time in their formal admonishment of Israel for "endangering the spirit of mutual respect" and called upon the Jewish state to cease and desist their repair efforts "...until such time as the will to dialogue prevails once again."

Earlier this week, WorldNetDaily uncovered a photograph of a massive trench dug by the Waqf on the Temple Mount. The photo reveals, rather clearly, that Jewish artifacts--among which is believed to be a section of the Second Temple's outer wall--recently uncovered by the Waqf have been destroyed by their tractors operating under the guise of electrical repair facilitators. This has enraged Israeli archeologists who know the unspeakable, historical value of such antiquities.

Even more insidious, the Israeli government is blocking the Israeli archaelogists from examining and confirming the damage.

Read the article in its entirety.

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