June 23, 2007

United Church of Christ (UCC) Reverses Anti-Israel Resolution

June 23, 2007 - The United Church of Christ General Synod has adopted a balanced resolution regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reversing the anti-Israel and anti-peace divestment resolution of a previous Synod. This move is similar to the change adopted earlier by Presbyterian Church USA, reversing their own anti-Israel resolution. The most important parts of this resolution are commitment to a two state peaceful solution, rather than liquidation of Israel, commitment to a balanced approach to the causes and history of the conflict, and a call for an end to incitement and violence.

However, we can surmise that as in the case of PC-USA, the UCC resolution will be challenged again and again by anti-Israel forces within the church.

It has rarely been so clear as it is here that those who insist on boycotting Israel are taking an immoral stance that is against peace and against human rights. This resolution is in many ways a model for the resolutions to be offered as alternatives to boycott resolutions when the matter is raised by pro-Hamas activists in church and union circles. It should be emphasized that moderate Palestinians, like Sari Nusseibeh do not support boycotts. This movement is the work of fanatic extremists represented in the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, people who brand Palestinians who engage in dialog as "traitors who take crumbs from Americans and Europeans." Read the article in its entirety: United Church of Christ (UCC) Reverses Anti-Israel Resolution

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