July 25, 2007

The Most-Translated Film of All Time?

July 25, 2007 - What movie titles immediately come to mind when one hears the words, "movie classic", or "box office blockbuster"? "Gone with the Wind"? "Star Wars"? Maybe more recent hits would merit your consideration; titles such as "Titanic", or, perhaps, "The Lion King"? All are good choices, indeed.

Now, take the total number of times that all of the above have been translated for movie audiences around the world, and "it would not equal even half of the number of translated versions of the "Jesus" film", reports a Toledo-based newspaper. In many cases, this film is shown in countries---third world countries--in which there are no available screens and, as such, must be shown on makeshift movie screens, or projected onto sheets hanging from trees. Even so, this film--now surpassing 1,000 translations, continues to stake its claim as the most powerful "instrument" of international, Christian evangelism to grace the big screen since its inception, nearly 30 years ago.

Produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, the "Jesus" film has been shown more than five billion times and is a solid testament to the evangelistic power of story-telling. It has remained atop our list of "Christian Videos" since our website's inception, and can viewed at no charge.

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