April 9, 2007

Part II: What is Happening in the Gaza Strip?

"I will gather all nations
and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will enter into judgment against them
concerning my inheritance, my people Israel,
for they scattered my people among the nations
and divided up my land." Joel 3:2

April 9, 2007 - Earlier last week, PA President Abbas and Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh joined a massive Arab delegation--22 member states comprising the Arab League, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the sole purpose of reviving and activating the "Arab Peace Initiative". As it were, this "peace" proposal--dormant since 2002 because of Israeli objections to its ludicrous demands that would put the Jewish state at a decisive disadvantage, would once again promise "a normalization of relations" with what is now a much weaker and desperate Israeli government in response to Israeli's full withdrawal to its pre-1967 borders. Furthermore, the Arab Peace Initiative would require Israel to come to the bargaining table to negotiate and facilitate the instant infusion and assimilation of an overwhelming population of Arabs into Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, becoming demographically-outnumbered in the process.

As discussed at length in previous articles, this would effectively and quite literally line the streets of Jerusalem and her surrounding areas with hundreds of thousands of hostile, Arab militants--most of whom subscribe to the destructive ideologies of Hamas and the PA. Make no mistake, the closed-door discussions that took place in Riyadh last week were carried out by those committed not to the establishment of a "Palestinian" state, but to the destruction of the Jewish state, and you need look no further than the Hamas charter to discover it.

Facilitated by its chief proponents--of whom are Condoleezza Rice and the E.U., this deceptive, Arab "olive branch" would effectively place the pressure and onus on a weak Israeli Prime Minister, whose most recent approval ratings at home have plummeted to single digits, to engage in peace negotiations with Israel's sworn enemies, effectively committing national and political suicide in the process.

Precisely as the Arab delegation met in Riyadh to discuss their destruction of the Jewish state, the walls of a waste storage facility in northern Gaza gave way, effectively flooding the region with up to 2 feet of raw sewage, causing numerous deaths and injuries, along with the immediate and imminent possibility of an outbreak of disease and contamination. Furthermore, the UN issued warnings of another imminent and much larger waste storage collapse that could effectively push the region into a full-blown humanitarian crisis. The U.N. also made known its well-documented history of warnings that showed the probability of such an imminent disaster. And so, the questions remain: Why wasn't the situation rectified beforehand? The P.A. has collectively received millions of dollars in foreign aid in recent years, along with the sporadic release of "Palestinian" tax dollars at the behest of the Israeli government. Hamas--"the new sheriff in town" since January, 2006, has received tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid from its Arab counterparts, to include Iran. Where has the money gone? Hamas claims to have no funds with which to fix the sanitation crisis and feed its people. Ironically enough, this is a "government" that somehow found the means to hire tens of thousands of militant soldiers, along with the resources necessary to equip them. Furthermore, so "destitute" was the Hamas government that it miraculously facilitated the purchases of tons of explosives, munitions, and weapons, as well as the advanced technologies with which to improve its arsenal of Qassam rockets, which continue to be fired daily into Israel. At the end of the day, what you have is a government firmly established upon an ideology sworn to facilitate the destruction of Israel by any means necessary--even if it effectuates the destruction of its own people and the welfare of its society. Case in point: This story broke just days after the waste facility catastrophe. Do you still disagree?

PERSPECTIVE: The Hand of God is moving. Deny it if you wish. Turn a blind eye to it if you must. However, the timing of the above events--and many like them that have led to the radical decline, if not extinction, of the Holy One of Israel's sworn enemies simply cannot be sequestered. This region's history is one that has seen every prime minister, president, and/or peace envoy--friend or foe, that would advance a doctrine that compromises God's plan for Israel, become radically in touch with an untimely delay and/or demise, effectively derailing said doctrine in the process. God has a plan for His people, and business with His Land--yet to be transacted. By His Hand, His people were dispersed across the four winds in centuries past. By His Will, they have been regathered in and restored to their land--a land promised to them. Through His Promises, they shall remain there--never again to be uprooted. His bidding will not be thwarted.

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