July 5, 2007

"Islam's Global War Against Christianity"

July 5, 2007 - ( - "From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim world, the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder that are so widespread and systematic that it can rightfully be called the new Holocaust. This time, however, the perpetrators of this Holocaust aren't wearing swastikas, but kufi skull caps and hijabs. Some of the oldest Christian communities in the world are subject to relentless attack and teeter on the brink of extinction at the hands of the "Religion of Peace": Palestinian Christians in Gaza and the West Bank; Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean Christians in Iraq; Coptic Christians in Egypt; Evangelical and Orthodox Christians in Eastern Ethiopia and Eritrea; Armenian Orthodox Christians in Turkey; and Maronite Christians in Lebanon. Several of these communities date back to the beginning decades of Christianity and all have weathered wave after wave of Islamic persecution for centuries and more, but in the very near future some will simply cease to exist. In our lifetime, the only trace of their past existence will be in footnotes in history books (and probably only Western history books at that).

Meanwhile, we in the West hear much from radical Islam's apologists how the US is engaged in a war against Islam citing of our military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are lectured on the inviolability of the Muslim ummah and justifications of defensive jihad.

But an extensive search this past weekend of the websites of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Student Association, the Fiqh Council of North America, and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee - the most visible institutional representatives of Islam in America - found not a single mention or reference of the religious persecution of Christians by their Islamic co-religionists, thereby making them tacit co-conspirators in the Final Solution to the Christian problem in the Muslim world..." Continue reading this story HERE

Saudi Charity Funding Hamas in Jerusalem

July 5, 2007 - Jerusalem ( - A charity based in Saudi Arabia has been funneling money to Hamas members in Jerusalem who have been working quietly to establish a presence on the Temple Mount, Israeli security sources said.

The issue of Jerusalem and control of the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif, is one of the most hotly contested issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Temple Mount, where two consecutive Jewish Temples stood long ago, is the holiest site in Judaism. It is currently the site of several important Islamic shrines, including the Golden Dome of the Rock and Al-Aksa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said on Monday that the Shin Bet (secret service) and Israel police had found evidence of intensive Hamas activity in Jerusalem, especially concerning the Temple Mount. The activity was financed by Hamas elements abroad.

Eleven Hamas members living in eastern Jerusalem were arrested, including 10 who hold Israeli identity cards, which allows them freedom of movement throughout Israel, the Shin Bet said. A glass factory owner, a teacher, and the chairman of a charity organization were among those arrested for various crimes, including membership in a terrorist organization, financing terrorism and illegal use of property for terrorist purposes. Story continued HERE

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