August 12, 2007

Arab Terrorist Killed in the Christian Quarter

August 11, 2007 - An Arab terrorist was shot and killed Friday morning in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, near the Jaffa Gate. Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib, 29, was reported dead at the scene after he managed to grab an Israeli security guard's weapon--a pistol whose bullets struck the security guard in the chest, and injured several bystanders in the process. A second Israeli security guard returned fire, killing the terrorist instantly. This marks the first terrorist incident in Jerusalem's Old City in nearly two years. Israeli Police Chief David Cohen praised the security guard's quick response as "exemplary".

Not at all surprising was the account given by an unidentified, Arab "eyewitness", who stated the two security guards continually fired upon the terrorist, even as he lay dead--a tactic known as "confirming the kill". However, closed circuit surveillance tapes presented a different account, as they clearly showed that the wounded security guard never fired upon the terrorist, and the second guard acted well within protocol when he returned fire. Are you at all surprised that our terrorist-enabling "newspaper of record", the New York Times, failed to mention this in their report?

Even more insidious was the reaction from a certain Arab member of the Israeli government. Arab MK Ahmed Tibi took Cohen to task for his lauding of the guard's response in the incident, stating, "Praise for an act in which innocent bystanders were killed and in which 'confirming the kill' was carried out is shocking and encourages further harm to innocents." Excuse me, but is it standard operating procedure for a member of the Israeli parliament to accept as truth the account of a bystander--in this case, a fellow Arab--before perusing all of the facts surrounding a terrorist incident? And since when is an armed terrorist seen as an "innocent bystander"?

Ahmed, I think your presence is requested on "the other side".

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