March 7, 2007

School Board Requires Student Prayers to Allah; Christian Prayer Group Suspended Ten Days

March 7, 2007 - Yes, the headline reads correctly, and if it were referring to a school board in Teheran, Gaza City, Riyadh or, shamefully enough, the very birthplace of our Savior, then such news would fail to garner a second thought. However, if you were seeking to find a society that targets Christianity for extinction, whilst simultaneously propping up Islam as a religion of which we should maximize our understanding, you apparently need to look no further than the west coast of the United States of America.

Last week, 12 members of a Christian, student-prayer group at Heritage High School, in Washington state, were suspended for engaging in prayer activity in the lunchroom area, before school. Some of the suspensions were of the ten-day variety. It was determined, by school administrators, that the 10-15 minute, informal prayer sessions being held in the lunchroom area were "distruptive" to the successful flow of traffic in a school with 2,200 students. Apparently, the school officials at Heritage High carry with them the expectation that 2,200 students shall file through the lunchroom before 7 a.m., each morning.

All sarcasm aside, the facts surrounding this story will show that hecklers--some of whom were known "satanists" and "pagans", after having their fill of taunting the students engaged in prayer, complained to school officials that the prayer sessions were "offensive". And so, the crackdown began and suspensions were levied.

This story becomes even more interesting when one considers the fact that the majority of the prayer group members were Russian immigrants--people who left a notoriously oppressive government obsessed with bringing back the Iron Curtain, in favor of the "land of the free, and the home of the brave." What were they thinking?

In stark contrast, seventh graders at Excelsior School--a public middle school in Bryon, California, have been made to dress up in robes, simulate jihad through "role-playing", and memorize verses from the Koran for extra credit. In an interview with WorldNetDaily, a popular Judeo-Christian media organization, Nancie Castro, the principal of the school, stated the following regarding the memorization of Koran verses, "There are some verses in the text that are read, just like there are Bible verses in the text in the section on Christianity." WorldNetDaily "learned, however, that students were offered extra credit if they memorized verses from the Koran, that no Bible verses were learned, and Christianity overall was 'barely touched on.'"

This occured in January of 2002--four months after the tragic events of 9/11--when terrorists, in the name of "Allah", showed this country just how vulnerable it was, killing thousands of innocent people in the process.

It doesn't stop there. A lawsuit filed on behalf of several parents opposing the requirement that students recite verses from the Koran, ultimately found itself in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals--the same court that had an issue with the "One Nation Under God" portion of the "Pledge of Allegiance". Not surprisingly, the case was dismissed, with the judge finding no issues nor problems with Islamic Studies, nor Koran recitation by students in our public schools.

Before this gets labeled an "isolated incident" exclusive to the methods of a particular school, consider the following statements made by a parent of a student attending Joseph Kerr Junior High School in Elk Grove, Calif. Valerie Moore stated her daughter "was indoctrinated in the Islamic religion for over four months while in the seventh grade" in 1994. Moore expressed shock in arriving at Joseph Kerr Junior High School in Elk Grove, Calif., one day and being greeted by a "huge banner on the front grounds of the school that read 'There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.'" Moore also recounts witnessing "children dressed in Muslim attire, chanting from the Koran and praying while marching around the cabala." Moore recalls the banner being up all day.

"What if we put up a sign that says 'Jesus is Lord' for 30 minutes? Oh, no. You can't do that – separation of church and state," Moore laments. 'They aren't just teaching them about Islam; they have them practicing it. They have them kneeling down and praying to Allah. I have a problem with that. That's more like inculcation.' Moore says when she complained to the school officials she was ridiculed and yelled at."

This is an all-out war on Christianity. There is no other way to explain it, folks. Each day, under the guise of "civil liberties" and "human rights", we see instances in which our government removes yet another brick from the very foundation upon which this nation was established. In doing so, this nation is consistently closing the gap between itself and the Wrath of God. It is only a matter of time.

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