March 15, 2007

The Christian Zionist: Hated by the World, Blessed by God

March 15, 2007 - "Christian Zionism": Some folks, unaware of the term's definition, never get past its pronunciation before walking the other way. "It sounds so extreme and fanatical.", they'll undoubtedly retort. The ill-informed will often ask, "What does 'Zionism' have to do with being a Christian?" The answer is quite simple, as you will soon see, and once Christians begin focusing less on the nomenclature, and more on the true, literal meaning of what it means to be a "Christian Zionist", they will soon realize that these are a blessed group of people. They are "blessed" because they bless. They bless because they love His people, and in doing so, are hated for it. Read this article in its entirety: TheChristianZionist

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