August 6, 2008

The "Blondi Goes Around the World" Campaign

August 6, 2008 - I received this earlier today via email and, I must say, it is one of the most touching situations I've had the honor to ever encounter. I ask that you please consider getting behind the request made in the following video clip. Please know that you will be comforting and blessing a very special family in Israel in a way that is beyond description. Please watch the following video clip very carefully.

Dear Sir,

I ask you to help me with "Blondi goes around the world" campaign, Please watch this You Tube clip:

See the campaign home page:
Please help to forward and distribute to CSWI community.
Thanks in advance

Yossi Zur, Blondi's father

Haifa, Israel
Asaf's (Blondi) memorial web site:

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