April 4, 2008

UMC (United Methodist Church) Meltdown Continues; Considers Divestment from Israel

April 4, 2008 - The Simon Wiesenthal Center recently provided a presentation (click on image) outlining the United Methodist Church's notorious track record of biased, anti-Israeli views. This was most recently confirmed when the UMC published a report, "The Israel Palestine Mission Study", in which a UMC division likened Jews to "monsters", the creation of Israel as "original sin", and Israeli practices to "Nazis". It should be noted that such statements by the UMC were greeted with a condemnation by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), who cited it as a "distorted and mendacious" report and called for its repudiation by the UMC. On the table for discussion and ratification when the UMC convenes later this month is the possibility and, if past were prologue, strong likelihood of a UMC divestment from those companies conducting business with Israel.

The presentation is also available for download in Christian Standing with Israel's Israel Presentations area. (Requires Microsoft Powerpoint)

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