November 6, 2007

Right-Wing MK's draw line in the sand as Annapolis draws near

November 6, 2007
Right-wing MKs plan anti-summit protest

JERUSALEM - As Israeli and Palestinian leaders pushed forward with their peace negotiations, right-wing Knesset members said Tuesday they would be mounting a renewed public campaign against the upcoming peace conference in the US this month, in an effort to reinvigorate public opposition to the government's moves.

"Annapolis, like [the] Oslo [accords] and the [Gaza] disengagement will not bring peace but will lead to bloodshed like we saw in September 2000 after the failure of the Camp David talks," said MK Benny Elon (National Union-National Religious Party).

He has put forward his own peace plan, which maintains Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank and would recognize Jordan as the official representative of the Palestinians. He said his alternative peace proposal would be highlighted in the coming days with new advertisements and Internet promotions against the government's positions.

"The public understands that Jerusalem will not be divided at Annapolis, but the summit could lead to a process which would endanger the future of Israel," Elon said. "Unfortunately, the public wakes up only when it is too late."

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