August 29, 2007

The Fruits of "Democracy" in the Gaza Strip

August 29, 2007 - Apparently, the terrorist organization, HAMAS, has become rather enamored with Disney characters. Just a few months ago, HAMAS television aired episodes featuring "Farfur"--a pathetic spinoff of Disney's "Mickey Mouse"--as a means of disseminating anti-Israel, pro-terrorist propaganda. When international pressure became too great, the show's creators aired a final episode in which "Farfur" was killed at the hands of an Israeli "terrorist".

Now viewers of HAMAS television can watch episodes in which a seemingly-brave, fierce lion--bearing an uncanny resemblance to "Simba", from Disney's "The Lion King"--emerges as the hero in a fight between HAMAS and Fatah (portrayed by a horde of rats.)

How lovely.

Hey HAMAS, here's a thought: why don't you stop feeding those silly, irrelevant Disney obsessions of yours and start feeding the people--your people--starving in the streets of Gaza?

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