May 10, 2007

Cause of Death: Apathy

May 10, 2007 - A 62-year old Israeli man was killed earlier this week in a town just south of Tel Aviv when his moped was struck while he attempted to pass a cement truck. In an age in which everyone is simply in a hurry to get nowhere--and fast--road fatalities are nothing new. In Israel, this incident only adds to an existing and unfavorable statistical record of traffic fatalities.

However, this particular incident warrants not only a second look, but deep scrutiny as well. As the video you are about to see shows (To view, click picture), Moshe Yisraeli is seen lying on his back in the middle of the street whilst bleeding to death as a seemingly endless caravan of rush hour drivers steer their vehicles around his body not with the intention of coming to his aid and possibly saving his life, but to avoid running him over as they apathetically and pathetically continued to their destinations.

It should be said that the video does indeed show multiple drivers who eventually stopped to assist Mr. Yisraeli, albeit it comprises a very small portion of the footage. However, the mere fact that, as he bled to death on his back in the middle of an intersection, several dozen drivers went out of their way to redirect their paths around his body without any intention of stopping makes this incident of "road apathy"very difficult to comprehend.

Such is the immoral nature of the immoral world in which we immorally live...

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