March 28, 2007

Condi, you're on the clock.

March 28, 2007 - The sands of the hourglass are approaching a critically low level for this administration. With regards to its Middle Eastern foreign policy, there is one thing--perhaps THE only thing of which they can be certain: Time is running out, and the window of opportunity is about to shatter. That is the only explanation for the direction the Bush administration has chosen as they continue to push Israel toward her destruction under the guise of the facilitation of "peace".

In the media spotlight which illuminates the region's current peace process stands one Condoleezza Rice, whose preoccupation with facilitating the elusive "two-state solution" between Israel and the "Palestinians"--an objective the Bush administration has, in the past, branded as its "cornerstone", has rapidly evolved into an obsession--one that must come to fruition regardless of the degree to which it compromises Israel's national security. Throughout history, the Middle East peace process has proven to be a "Pandora’s box" to those leaders who would advance a doctrine that seeks to facilitate peace at the expense of Jewish blood. As such, the future will become most unfavorable for the Bush administration and specifically, Condoleezza Rice, should they choose to continue treading in the dangerous waters in which they have so willfully placed themselves.

If only for a season, the future could not look anymore promising for the so-called "Palestinians" and an ideology predicated upon the so-called "liberation" of so-called "Palestine" from a so-called "illegal occupation". Under the guise of the erroneously-coined "Arab Peace Plan"--an initiative formulated in 2002 by the members of the Arab League, and the "Palestinian unity government"--a terrorist tag team of sorts consisting of a recent merger between the PA's Fatah and Hamas, the Jewish state is right where they want her: against the ropes and forced to make a decision. Under this plan, Israel would FIRST withdraw from much of Judea and Samaria (although the politically-correct dolts would prefer you use the term, "West Bank"), turn the Golan Heights back over to Syria, and hand over East Jerusalem to the Palestinians which would serve as the "capital" of what would be a newly-created "Palestinian" state. In so doing, Israel would become instantly infused with millions of hostile Arabs, who have garnered sympathy from the international community for years as self-imposed "refugees", with an "all or nothing" philosophy.

AFTER Israel complies with these requirements, her enemies will agree to peace negotiations designed to facilitate "normal relations" between the Jewish state and her Arab neighbors. "Normal" relations. Nowhere under this plan is the unity government required to adhere to the three conditions, as outlined by the Quartet's "Roadmap for Peace": the affirmation of Israel's right to exist, the abandonment of terrorism, and the adherence to prior peace agreements. Quite frankly, for Israel to ink its signature on such a plan would be the literal signing away of her existence--IF the Arabs had their way. Israel's agreement to the plan's requirements would make her borders completely indefensible, and would be nothing short of political suicide.

The Arab world will undoubtedly relish the position in which they find themselves, and they should. After all, it's a "win-win" for them. If Israel caves under the pressure from the West, something Ehud Olmert does too well, then her enemies will have effectively redrawn the frontlines of the war against Israel by bringing it right into the streets of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the strategic value of the Golan Heights will have been turned over to Syria--a country with which Israel is still technically at war. Conversely, should Israel reject the Arab Peace Plan, then they will be seen, by the international community, as a country that refuses to live at peace with her neighbors. At the end of the day, Israel had her chance for "peace", but refused it. The Palestinian "unity government" will effectively garner accolades and sympathy for Israel's rejection of their "olive branch". Boycotts would be lifted. Intifadas and terrorist incursions would be launched. As recently as today, the Saudi foreign minister was quoted as stating if Israel refused said peace initiative, her fate will be determined by the "lords of war". PA Chairman Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) was quoted as saying this is Israel's last chance to live "in a sea of peace".

And there, essentially shoving the "cyanide capsule" down the throat of the Jewish state, sits Condoleezza Rice--who as recently as today felt compelled to remind the world that the Bush administration "still has 18 months" in which to facilitate peace in the Middle East through the "two-state solution". Time is running out, Condi. Your legacy, and that of your employer is at stake here. You're on the clock.

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