February 19, 2007

The Great Iranian Hypocrisy

February 19, 2007- In a notoriously hypocritical display of ignorance, the Iranian government is demanding that the UN Security Council issue a formal condemnation of a recent terrorist attack on a bus, carrying several Revolutionary Gaurds, in southern Iran.

Perhaps the government of Iran should reacquaint its memory with its past statements and actions concerning its recognition, or lack thereof, of the Security Council's authority:

FACT: Iran has repeatedly, in the past, refused to acknowledge the legitimacy and authority of the UN Security Council.

FACT: The Iranian government wasted absolutely no time in dismissing the UN Security Council's order to abandon their efforts in uranium enrichment.

FACT: On 2/15/07, a terrorist bomb targeting a bus full of Iranian Revolutionary Guards detonates in southern Iran, killing 18 and wounding many more.

FACT: The Iranian government immediately demands the UN Security Council's formal condemnation of the attack.

To the mullahs of Iran, and their proponents, one would have to ask the following: How could the United Nations Security Council--a sovereign, international body tasked with facilitating global peace and security, issue a formal condemnation of a terrorist attack in your country if the Security Council, by your own submissions, has no sovereignty nor legitimacy in the first place?

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