June 30, 2007

Replacement Theology vs. Christian Zionism

June 30, 2007 - Naturally, "Christian Zionism" gets its origin from the term, "Zionism"--a movement that is considered secular and political in many circles--while entirely biblical in others. Zionists seek to support, facilitate and advance the return of the Jewish people and sovereignty to their native homeland--the land of Israel. Christians who see the regathering of the Jewish people in their land, as well as the establishment of the sovereign nation of Israel in 1948, as the literal fulfillment of biblical prophecy are known as "Christian Zionists".

Christian Zionists see the Jewish people as the "apple of God's eye"--His Chosen people, and hold firm that God's promises, established in the Abrahamic Covenant, remain in effect today.

A common opponent of Christian Zionism is the doctrine of Replacement Theology, also known as Supersessionism. The underlying, doctrinal belief that seeks to belittle and discredit the objectives of Christian Zionism is the misguided assertion purporting that the objective of all Christian Zionists is to act as the "catalyst" to the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. In some cases, said opponents of Christian Zionism go so far as to falsely accuse Christian Zionists as "extremists" who seek to bring about the end of the world and the return of its Messiah, Yeshua.

Ever-willing to quickly dismiss the biblical significance of Israel as a nation and the Jews as a people, the opponents of Christian Zionism have identified and labeled God's "everlasting" and "irrevocable" Covenant with Abraham as "conditional". In so doing, they have indirectly called into question the very faithfulness upon which the Abrahamic Covenant was established. Read the article in its entirety: Christian Zionism and Replacement Theology

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